Sunday, November 19, 2006

The End of an Aggravating Blog Setting Up Day!

Well, I didn't snap any new photos today, didn't even take nearly enough time to enjoy the pretty day outside. This new blog thing captured all my time, the HTML somehow got skewed up in and it wasn't posting with proper alignment or column width.

I've been working with these blog pages for a few weeks now and trying to get things worked out and workable before making them public. I've kept this blog available for open comments, but today I got one of those SPAM posts with quite undesirable language and links.

So, if you'd like to comment, for now just make your comment and it will come to my email and I'll permission it to post. I don't plan to edit or refuse any legit posts of opinions, questions, etc.. in regard to the British White Cattle breed. And feel free to use the Anymous post option until you're comfortable doing this!

I've also had to rework the General British White Cattle Blog page in the LINK box to the right, lots of cutting and pasting to recover and consolidate posts and transition it from it's old blogspot location and also overcome alignment issues. I hope it's all in a permanent workable mode, even that atom.xml thingy is working now! The only thing left is the Home Page link on both pages, but I just dont' know if I'm going to worry with that any time soon.

I'd really love to see our BWCAA members sign up to be CONTRIBUTORS to that forum and share their stories and photos with others and hopefully reach a more satsisfying level of communication and sharing amongst us all.

Signing up as a Contributor is pretty painless, really very easy. Just send me your email address and I'll have an invitation to Contribute sent out to you. I may put together an email list of you all and get them sent out - but in the meantime, just ask me!

(This aggravating thing is making me do the word verification again! I hope it doesn't make this comment post Twice. Geez.....