Friday, October 25, 2013

British White Cattle Sale in Hutchinson, MN - 2013 First Annual Sale


Minnesota British White Cattle Association - First Annual Sale
October 19, 2013 - Hutchinson, Minnesota (Photo by Jodi Olson)

The sale was a great success, this first annual auction was a lot of fun and had some really fine animals from both the ABWPA and the BWCAA.  The sale was attended by folks from all across the USA, including Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska,and South Dakota - and perhaps more.  Lots of folks pitched in, even non- members whose help was invaluable to making this a very successful first sale.  I had a wonderful time, visited with old friends I haven't seen in ages, made new friends, and am so glad I made the journey. Even though the BWCAA sadly made extreme last minute efforts to harm the outcome of the sale - it went very well, one can only imagine how much better it may have been. 

As well as representation from so many States in the USA, also present were 6 Board alumni of the British White Cattle Association of America giving the new Minnesota BWCA our wholehearted support.  There were over 30 lots that sold, here are some pricing highlights from the sale.

B&B Karen
BRED HEIFERS: B&B Nellie $2800; B&B Karen $2700; Coyote Ridge Lucy $2500; Briar Stone Blue Belle $2200; Coyote Ridge Lucky $2200;  Briar Stone Marea $2100;  RLC Farms Willow $2000; RAI Little Rose $1950.  
Briar Stone Abigail and Briar Stone Allison
OPEN WEANLING HEIFERS:   RAI Bud $1800Briar Stone Abigail $1550; Briar Stone Allison $1550; RAI Blossum (donated by RAI British Whites) $1350   
Briar Stone Adonis & Pat Olsen

WEANLING BULL PROSPECTS:  Briar Stone Adonis $1600; RLC Farms Renegade $1500
Dale McDonald, Rambling Creek Cattle Company
Robert Isaacson, RAI British Whites

Walter and Nancy Bohaty, B&B Bohaty's British Whites