Thursday, August 22, 2013

British White Cow and her Newborn Calf

This is J.West's Nell Opal, she calved just a few hours earlier. When I went to check on her this morning they were nestled beneath a stand of yaupon that must be 100 years old. Beneath it is shaded and the cows like to gather there in the heat of the late evening. After I arrived and disturbed their rest, the newborn's curiosity got the best of him and and he came to see me. Nell Opal fusses and fusses at him! She had just passed her placenta, so when she got up of course that was her focus, eating it, and she was none to pleased at my interruption and her little bull's bullheaded interest in checking me out.

Nell Opal was flushed for embryo export this past year for Oz Genetics of Australia. All cattle of J.West Cattle Company are dual registered with the American British White Park Association and the BWCAA. These cattle are the ancient polled white Park cattle of England.