Wednesday, September 12, 2012

British White Cattle Mugs, Shirts, Cards, Magnets and More - Unique and Original

British White Cattle Originals - Unique Gift Items

I have created lots of British White items on with cow photos, particularly my old Wanda Mae, an outstanding British White cow.  Below are a few examples of the items available, and I hope to have more in the future, so be sure and check back!

You can visit the shop at !!!  Thanks for having a look and let me know if you are happy/unhappy with the products, have suggestions, etc...

British White Cattle Herd - Large Mug
British White Cow Herd Behind the Fence - Mug Available on CafePress

British White Cow - Color #2 Large Mug
British White Cow  - Large Mug Available on Cafepress

British White cow at Pasture - #3 Women's T-Shirt
British White Cow T-Shirt Available on Cafepress