Tuesday, September 10, 2013

British White Cattle First Annual Sale in Minnesota

Update:  Click here for the Sale Catalog, and see the Supplemental Listings here.

Last year saw the formation of the first state British White Cattle Association in the state of Minnesota. While formation of regional BWCAA groups has often been discussed and detailed plans made and proposed over the years, no action at the national level to provide for regional cattle groups has made it past the table. There are a large number of Minnesota breeders of British White Cattle, and the herd numbers in that state rival that of most any others in the USA.  Along with dues paying members of the BWCAA, this new State association welcomes members of the ABWPA as well; recognizing that breeders in both associations have much to contribute to one another in both shared genetics and shared friendships with like-minded folks who against all odds it seems at times, continue to embrace and love the breeding and rearing of the very beautiful and ancient British White breed here in America.

The American impact on the breeding of British White cattle is apparent in many fine breeding lines in the USA, and the coming together of the breeders of Minnesota from both cattle associations will contribute to further the development in America of the ancient polled Park cattle of the British Isles.  The photo below reflects two bulls, the older bull is the product of the excellent BWCAA breeding program of RLC Farms, while the bull on the right, is the product of the likewise excellent ABWPA breeding program of Larry Fedler of Iowa.  The bulls are virtually identical, as of course are all the cattle long reared in both Associations.
BWCAA's RLC Farms Nitro and ABWPA's LPJ Zenith, May 2013

The new British White Cattle Association of Minnesota (BWCAMN) is hosting their first annual cattle sale on October 19, 2013 in Hutchinson, Minnesota.  Below you'll find the details of the sale from the BWCAMN web site, the sale catalog will be available soon, so bookmark their web site and check back to have a look at the consigned cattle!

For more information contact:
Robert or Karen Isaacson, (218) 843-2779, kisaacson@invisimax.com
or Linda Hohenwald, (320) 279-2790, RLCFarmsLLC@live.com

"Our first annual sale for this fine breed will be held on October 19, 2013, at the McLeod County Fairgrounds Cattle Barn. It is located at 840 Century Ave SW in Hutchinson, Minnesota, 55350 and the sale will start at 1:00 p.m.  
So far a lot of open and bred heifers are consigned as this seems to be the demand. We also have younger bred cows, some cow/calf pairs and have some bulls that are 15 months or younger consigned.  There is a heifer being donated by Robert Isaacson to be auctioned off; RLC Farms, LLC is donating some straws of Woodbastwick Randolph Turpin semen and other items may be donated.
We are currently working on the sale catalog and it will be available to download here soon so keep checking back.  
You don't want to miss this sale as you will have the opportunity to meet wonderful breeders of British White cattle and make new friends and contacts!
There are rooms set aside at the AmericInn in Hutchinson.  Call 320-587-5515 and let them know you are with the British White Cattle Association of Minnesota.  Come Friday and have more time to view the animals and hang out with us Friday night!
Two vendors will be at the sale for you to purchase refreshments and food. The McLeod County Riders 4H group will serve Coffee, donuts and other snacks and The Red Dogs will have food available to purchase."