Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Have a look at what we have available for Fall 2019.  All breeding stock has been grassfed for over 15 years.  All my breedings over several generations are based on genetic testing for Feed Efficiency of original dams and sires, as well as ultrasounding for superior carcass those same originating dams and sires.   Please email Jimmie at jwestcattle@gmail.com with any questions.  And visit us on Facebook!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Check back for 2019 offering of bred heifers and cows . . . should be posted shortly.

Email Jimmie at jwestcattle@gmail.com for additional information.  

Monday, December 28, 2015

How to Get the Smell of Something Dead off of your Cow Dog

RECIPE to Get Dead Critter Smell off of your COW DOG:

Cooking/Cleaning Time -- 4 to 5 hours
Outside Temperature - Preferably not below 30 degrees Fahrenheit
Disposable Gloves
2 Twelve Cup Pots of Coffee
2X Dawn Dishwashing Liquid
Old Rag
Water Hose
Old Big Towel
After you are over your initial retching from the smell and swearing he's never setting foot back in your house again, and after a few hours and more have passed to let your beloved dog hopefully roll around on the grass or in the sand and lessen the horribleness of his odor . . . . glove up and get started.
Brew the first pot of Coffee, split it between another container and the pot, put in lots of ice to cool both containers down for about a half hour.
Take a really deep breath, step out the door, carefully grasp in one gloved hand your beloved dogs collar, and slowly slowly pour the coffee directly on the area of his back where it is slick and stinky with the dead stuff.
Gasp for breath and say 'Love You' and walk away rapidly back through the door.
Repeat above 3 times more at least at 30 to 45 minute intervals.
Now, the smell is practically gone, may really be gone, but no way you'd want to take that chance the coffee might wear off or something by morning.
So, back out the door, and squirt a lot of that strong 2X Dawn down your beloved dog's back, hose him down with some water, take that old rag you'll never touch again and scrub the devil out of him, all over. Rinse, and REPEAT.
Let your beloved dog shake off while you go get that big old towel, and then rub him down vigorously. Let him shake off again, hug him, sniff him, and tell him you Love Him!!
Next - Let him back in the house and shake your head at how amazing it is at this age you really don't care if he's tracking wet footprints all over the house while he is doing his Lucky Dog Happy Prance to be back in the house!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Magical Welsh White Cow - immortalized ancestor of the polled British White Cattle of today

The Magical Welsh White Cow . . . . .

"Llyn Barfog is the scene of the famous elfin cow's descent upon earth, from among the droves of the Gwragedd Annwn. This is the legend of the origin of the Welsh black cattle, as related to me in Carmarthenshire:
In times of old there was a band of elfin ladies who used to haunt the neighborhood of Llyn Barfog, a lake among the hills just back of Aberdovey. It was their habit to make their appearance at dusk clad all in green, accompanied by their milk-white hounds. Besides their hounds, the green ladies of Llyn Barfog were peculiar in the possession of droves of beautiful milk-white kine, called Gwartheg y Llyn, or kine of the lake.
One day an old farmer, who lived near Dyssyrnant, had the good luck to catch one of these mystic cows, which had fallen in love with the cattle of his herd. From that day the farmer's fortune was made. Such calves, such milk, such butter and cheese, as came from the milk-white cow never had been seen in Wales before, nor ever will be seen again. The fame of the Fuwch Gyfeiliorn (which was what they called the cow) spread through the country round.  
The farmer, who had been poor, became rich; the owner of vast herds, like the patriarchs of old. But one day he took it into his silly noddle that the elfin cow was getting old, and that he had better fatten her for the market. His nefarious purpose thrived amazingly. Never, since beef steaks were invented, was seen such a fat cow as this cow grew to be!
Killing day came, and the neighbors arrived from all about to witness the taking-off of this monstrously fat beast. The farmer had already counted up the gains from the sale of her, and the butcher had bared his red right arm.
The cow was tethered, regardless of her mournful lowing and her pleading eyes; the butcher raised his bludgeon and struck fair and hard between the eyes; when lo ! a shriek resounded through the air, awakening the echoes of the hills, as the butcher's bludgeon went through the goblin head of the elfin cow, and knocked over nine adjoining men, while the butcher himself went frantically whirling around trying to catch hold of something permanent.
Then the astonished assemblage beheld a green lady standing on a crag high up over the lake, and crying with a loud voice:
Dere di felen Emion,
Cyrn Cyfeiliorn-braith y Llyn,
A'r foci Dodin,
Codwch, dewch adre.
Come yellow Anvil, stray horns, 
Speckled one of the lake, 
And of the hornless Dodlin
Arise, come home.
Whereupon not only did the elfin cow arise and go home, but all her progeny to the third and fourth generations went home with her, disappearing in the air over the hill tops and returning nevermore. Only one cow remained of all the farmer's herds, and she had turned from milky white to raven black.
Whereupon the farmer in despair drowned himself in the lake of the green ladies, and the black cow became the progenitor of the existing race of Welsh black cattle." Source: Sacred Texts

NOTE:  This ancient story has long been a part of my primary web site.  However, Orcsweb has dropped support of frontpage extensions . . . and I have to rebuild the site, worried I'll lose some of the things I like most, and this old story is one of them.