British White Heifers for Sale 2016

British White Heifers - Grassfed and Bred 

British White Cattle For Sale
For details on these JWCC Bred Heifers now Offered for 2016 Sale, please visit this page link .  

J.West's Lucy Marie wth Newborn Bull Calf at Foot

J.West's Molly Aces - Heavy Bred Heifer 

J.West's Babe - Withdrawn (just calved a beautiful little heifer)

J.West's Duchess - SOLD

J.West's Saltine - Heavy Bred Heifer

J.West's Tammy Jo with Newborn Bull Calf at Foot

J.West's BeeBee

Dizzy - 3/4 British White and 1/4 Nelore - SOLD