Monday, November 24, 2014

This excerpt struck me as pertinent tonight from "A Man's Value to Society", Copyright 1896:

 "Disobedience is slavery. Obedience is liberty. . . . disobedience to the law of morals gives waste and want and wretchedness. That individual or nation is hastening toward poverty that does not love the right and hate the wrong. So certain is the penalty of wrongdoing that sins seems infinitely stupid. Every transgression is is like an iron plate thrown into the air: gravity will pull it back upon the wrongdoer's head to wound him."
Let their be peace . . . and faith in our civil system, for each of us. Obama says: "Understandable reaction?" Hardly. Gun shots, rocks and bottles thrown, police cars attacked, fires and .... whatever else. Absurd. Shameful. Hardly Understandable. Burden falls on the baiters and the mainstream media and the rabid liberals who regularly lay waste to the the old Christian laws of morals that has  lead to waste and want and wretchedness" . . . among some other rather significant others of influence.