Monday, October 31, 2011

Last British White Calf of the Fall Calving Season - A Low Birth Weight Heifer

Okay, well I am fairly behind in my efforts to post a blog every week.  What can I say?  I have been under the weather, otherwise indisposed, and off my game to say the least.

Here is a video of the last calf born in to my Fall calving season.  Rather than strain my old brain, I'll just regurgitate my comments made on the video description:

"This was my last British White calf born in my fall calving group and I really was surprised. This heifer was sired by J.West's Elvis, who generally has average birth weight calves. But, McQueenie has consistently had very low birth weight calves with a variety of sires. This is her first Elvis calf, and this little heifer weighed an actual bathroom scale weight of 41 lbs. I could really care less that she is overmarked, I'm just thrilled she's a girl and the birth weight is so very low. It really is proving McQueenie's ability to impact birth weights all on her own."
I would also add that this is the FIRST overmarked calf McQueenie has birthed, and she has never had anything but heifers.  So, don't be so quick to sell those overmarks that have otherwise very desirable traits you'd like to see in your herd.  McQueenie's lineage originated here at J.West Cattle Co. with HRH Bountiful, the pretty front and center headshot of the Halliburton Farms auction back in ..... 2002, I think.  What an outstanding group of American Fullblood descendants I have from this mighty fine Popeye sired cow from the Halliburton herd.  And in case you were wondering, Bountiful is still part of my herd, and is now the official senior, most elder, oldest, most experienced . . . . cow in my herd!