Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Windy, Hot and Dry March for this Southeast Texas herd of British White Cattle

 March of 2007, an Elvis sired heifer deep in Berseem clover . . .
           If yesterday, or any day in the past few weeks of awesome cool crisp days, anyone would have told me today would be hot as a pistol, dry as dust, or that the happy promise of Spring would have turned in to the feel of a hot Summer day - No Way I would have believed them!  The wind is even a hot blow against your arms and your face today, not a cooling one.  Oh where, oh where, has the lovely Spring weather gone!

At this point this windy hilltop of cow pastures needs some rain in a hurry.  The pretty white berseem clover is trying desperately to bloom, wishes it had been able to grow knee high and really propagate itself, you can practically here the tiny clover crying.  The berseem is barely a few inches off the ground, its white blooms like a cheap thin carpet, instead of a plush and deeply comfy rug of snowy white.  And I can just forget about any eye-popping spreads of red crimson clover - not gonna happen.

Mr. Kenneth Brown of Colmesneil, Texas
The video below is from yesterday, the 23rd, and in hindsight I suppose I should have realized that the increasing winds boded quite ill for today's weather and days to come - unless of course we get a rain, a real rain, that can fend off daily 15 mph drying winds.

I shot this video when I happened to be outside and saw a few cows having an argument in the heavy bred herd by the house. They quickly forgot about their personal problems when they realized Mr. Brown was headed their way with the alfalfa truck. Kenneth Brown is my neighbor and he has been helping out here for almost a year, and there hasn't been a more peaceful time here at the ranch. Mr. Brown has been around cattle all of his life, and he says he's never seen baby calves hit the ground running like a British White.