British White Cows for Sale 2016

British White Bred Cows/ Pairs / Heifers - Grassfed and Bred

Update 8-25-2016: 

For details on these JWCC Cows Offered for sale, please visit this page link .  

J.West's Mae Belle - Fall Bred Cow SOLD

J.West's Lillie Belle - With Newborn Heifer Calf at Foot

B&B Gabi -  July born steer calf at foot - Exposed to J.West's Milo

J.West's Vincenzia - Fall Bred Cow SOLD

J.West's Vincenzia - Fall Bred Cow SOLD

J.West's Doc's Gal  - Fall Bred Cow - SOLD


  1. Hello Jimmie, My father currently has a herd of Black Angus cattle, but he is looking to buy some British Whites. He lives in upstate New York and wants to find some for sale close by. Do you know of any locations in New York, etc. where he could find some? Thank you in advance ~ Ruth

    1. Ruth, I'd get in touch with Larry Lampman in upstate New York, he and Erma have Fox Hill Farms Grassfed Beef, you can find the web site on a google search. Just now saw this, my apologies for being so late to reply.